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Types of Concrete

Concrete mixes for every domestic and commercial project

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All our materials are clean, unused and high quality, ensuring your lay stands the test of time.

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Our volumetric mixer enables us to switch whatever mix type we are carrying while on the go.

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Types of Concrete

Every construction project is different, so you’ll need different types of concrete depending on the job you’re undertaking.

Whether you’re tackling a big commercial build or carrying out a smaller domestic or residential task, we have the right mix of concrete for any type of job – from ready mix and volumetric to heavy duty and agricultural.

Concrete Mixes For Domestic & Commercial Projects In Matlock, Derby & Mansfield

Our types of concrete come in a range of strengths and are carefully mixed by our expert team to give you a material you can rely on.
Take a look at our most common concrete mixes, and if you require a more specialised mix design then get in touch with our team:

  • Gen 1 – Lightweight and perfect for most non-structural applications. A standardised mix that’s used for cavity filling, kerbing, unreinforced domestic foundations and haunching.
  • Gen 2 – The best choice for domestic internal flooring that will be covered with carpets or tiles. Not suitable for outdoor use unless it’s encased or completely covered.
  • Gen 3 – A more durable solution that’s ideal for garage, conservatory and shed foundations. We recommend that it’s not used externally, unless it’s completely covered or encased.
  • C25 – Extremely versatile and used for both commercial and domestic projects – including footings, foundations and general groundworks. It can also be used for base filling of external furniture like patios.
  • C30 – A very popular mix for the construction of pavements and driveways. It can also be used for lighter external applications, such as slabbing, patios, stables and garages.
  • C35 – A heavy-duty concrete that’s ideal for agricultural, commercial and industrial sites. More substantial, it’s suitable for use in projects such as piling and external slabbing.
  • C40 – A strong, commercial grade concrete that’s ideally suited to structural support beams, agricultural use and footings in high-stress environments such as roads and industrial sites.

Looking to improve the strength of your concrete? We can add extra materials to the mix, including:

Structural Fibres – enhance the strength of the concrete

Poly Fibres – reduces shrinkage and cracking

Plasticisers – help the concrete to flow easier for better workability

Retarding agents – slow down the rate at which the concrete sets

Accelerating agents – speed up the rate at which the concrete sets

Foam concrete – a lightweight concrete type

No matter where you’re based in Matlock, Derby or Mansfield – or further afield throughout Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire – we can help you find the perfect mix and strength of concrete for your building project. Get in touch with our expert team today!


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